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We meet you where you are in life… and take you as far as you want to go

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Mindful U is at the forefront of helping industry leaders discover a better way forward to meet today’s most pressing challenges. Our programs are proven to decrease stress, improve leadership skills, and team communication amongst departments. Let The Monk & the Mastermind help to infuse the much-needed change in attitudes that produce a positive team culture and environment.

Invest in Your Team

Improve your company culture and more with our on-demand and customizable team solutions.

Create a sustainable culture

• Enhance creativity & collaboration
• Reduce stress & drama
• Learn core communication skills
• Align teams with vision
• Reduce turnover & silos
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Invest in Yourself

We provide you the quickest path to a healthier you regardless of your desired goals or current challenges.

Enhance your personal & professional value

• Become a better leader
• Increase your earning potential
• Improve work-life balance
• Connect with other mindful professionals
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“85% of success is ATTITUDE!”

“It’s well-known that employers hire for ATTITUDE and train for SKILLS. However, according to a famous Carnegie Institute study, attitude is 85% of success. Being “crazy busy”, stressed & overwhelmed are all related to ATTITUDE. Many professionals struggle with work/life balance and are therefore less engaged at work. This leads to less creativity & collaboration & more “silo” mentality, drama, conflict, turnover, which diminishes the customer/member experience. Finally, there is a sustainable solution!”

21st Century Technologies

Mindful “U”, powered by Prevo Health Solutions, is a pioneer in the business world, offering practical solutions that include methodologies and technologies, which directly impact sustainable outcomes for employees and customers.

Learn what mindful leaders are achieving…

  • Leading with calmness
  • Practicing emotional intelligence
  • Mastering personal responsibility
  • Discovering empathic communication
  • Focusing on what matters most 

What We're Hearing From Members

"I don’t want you to make my people better managers. I want you to make them better people – because then they’ll be better managers."​
Carol Boettcher
HR Supervisor, Broken Sound
"I would venture to say you guys are true pioneers. You are planting seeds for a different way of thinking that will guide the next generation to beneficial outcomes, not only in the workplace but at home."
Terrence Polcari
Hampton Hall Club
"The effect you’re having on our culture is quite noticeable and only just beginning. It starts with the individuals, and I'm having a wonderful time watching their engagement. We're all grateful!" ​
Russell Sylte
Hacienda Golf Club
"What Craig & Rick are doing in the private club industry is absolutely mind-blowing."
Robert Krzak
President of Gecko Hospitality

Frequently asked questions

Unlimited access to:

  • Mindful “U” Platform
  • Mindful “U” Community Groups & Chats
  • Chat with the Monk” Weekly Support    
  • Ask the Monk” ongoing email support
  • Tools & resources

Both memberships include all the benefits of a Social Membership for 12-months, however the Trial Membership only includes the the first four classes.

It depends on what you want. Our program meets you where you are and takes you as far as you want to go.

Whether you have aspirational goals, are going through a life-stage transition or in need of stress relief. We help reduce your stress, find clarity and purpose and guide you through our ongoing support combined with our unique methodologies and technologies.

We help guide you through stressful transitions like: new job, new neighborhood, empty nesters, newly employed, and even divorce.

And we help the aspirational person who wants to enhance their personal and professional value.

Unlike many programs, we provide a single source of guidance and a method to make actual change in your life. We’ve designed our programs to provide long-lasting change by providing on going support. Members receive content, courses, coaching and a community to share and participate within.

We also provide one-on-one & group coaching for those seeking more personalized support. We use our proprietary 7 Mindful-Living Habits to help you realize success in your life. 

These 7 habits are based on decades of real-world experiences along with the wisdom gained by Craig “The Monk” from his decades spent living within the Ashram.

Certified Mindful Professionals (CMP) are more valuable to employers due to their advanced training in soft skills like communication, conflict resolution, and more.   

In addition, CMP graduates gain access to other mindful professionals and form supportive and lasting friendships through networking within the Community portion of our platform.    

An organization that teaches the things we didn’t learn in school. We serve a network of mindful professionals and companies. We produce fresh & relevant original content, offer fun & inspiring courses & classes, provide coaching & on-going support, and connect like-minded members to a supportive and inspiring community.

Craig Marshall, a 35-year modern-day yoga monk and Rick Ladendorf, a 35-year business leader, translates mindful principles into practical solutions, at work and home. They co-developed the 7 Mindful-Living Habits, the core principles behind the education, curriculum and mindful certification programs.

First you’ll need to access the member directory by clicking the “Community Members” icon located in your sidebar navigation. From that page you can search for members by name, or any search criteria associated with other members account. You may also sort by community member types such as “mentors”, “members”, and others.

We help individuals & groups who desire impactful change the ability to move forward in an easy and supportive way.

We use our proprietary 7 Mindful Living Habits to give people a new way of  thinking to create meaningful and lasting change and to get to the core of what matters most to achieve their goals.

Our proprietary 7 Mindful-Living Habits combined with the wisdom of a modern-day monk.

Our fun & light-hearted educational approach provides easy, bite-sized portions to break down complex issues into practical methodologies & assisted technologies.

All of this is provided within an engaging learning & community platform.

Yes. We believe real change takes place when members are open and engaged with others about themselves.

Community members can:

  • “Ask the Monk” questions
  • “Chat with the Monk” during weekly group sessions
  • Participate in a group coaching sessions
  • Purchase personalized one-on-one coaching   

Social Memberships are available either on a recurring monthly charge or at a discounted rate for full year payment up front.

Trial Memberships can be paid in two equal installments over 60-days with the first payment due immediately upon registration.

Full Membership can be paid in either 2 or 6 equal installments over a 6 month period with the first payment due immediately upon registration.

To cancel Social Memberships, you will need to login to your personal dashboard and locate your personal settings.

However, if you are on a payment plan for either the Trial or the Full Membership plan and have surpassed our 10-day refund period, you will be required to make all remaining payments.

Please contact either support@mindfulu.org via email or call 888-321-1804 with questions or special requests.

Absolutely. As a matter of fact, this is where we started.

We offer solutions for small & medium sized businesses across all industries. Our minimum plan for groups requires a minimum of 10 participants. Pricing and plan options can be found here.

If you have questions or would like to get a custom quote, please call us at 888-321-1804 or drop us an email to rick@mindfulu.org.